About Us

Takemyfone.co.uk Powered by Mobilechief ltd.

Mobilechief ltd has been in the telecommunications sector for nearly two decades. We are expert Recyclers, Wholesalers and retailers of new/used Mobile phones and tablets. We work closely with global clients assisting them with services across every major continent, finding unique and bespoke solutions to fulfil their requirements.

The United Kingdom Produces nearly 1.5 million tonnes of electronic toxic waste each year! This waste pollutes Air, water and soil, posing a risk to human life as well as other creation. The most effective method in reducing this waste is to recycle your old tech. Recycling a single ipad saves enough energy to power a laptop for 50 hours.

We at Takemyfone.co.uk feel we have a easy, fast, free and efficient program, to recycle your old iPads/tablets, paying you good money along the way. All your data is safe with us, we take this matter seriously and have GDPR compliant measures in place to ensure that devices are fully, completely erased using industry leading software "Phonecheck". Data erasure certifications can be provided on request.

All of the devices we collect on this platform are repaired or refurbished and then moved on to their new homes. Anything that can not be repaired is then used for parts or recycled with partners.