Lost, Stolen or Barred Mobile phones.

We support CheckMend, a crime protection database created to track lost, stolen and barred mobile phones. If we receive any mobile phones that are registered on their database as lost, stolen or barred they will be disposed of unless proof of ownership can be supplied.

Suitable proof of ownership would be documentation such as supplier contract or written confirmation from the Police showing that the IMEI is incorrectly registered as lost, stolen or barred. The documentation would need to show that the matching unique IMEI number of the mobile phone sold is your property. The block will also have to be removed by Checkmend. Upon receipt of this information and the block removed by CheckMend. We can return the mobile phone to you after an administration fee of £20.00 is paid.

If we do not receive such documentation from you within 28 calendar days your mobile phone will be disposed of.

If you feel the information held by CheckMend is incorrect please email CheckMend at or call them on 08700 112 850 with all the details including the IMEI number and they will assist you.

All phones coming in at have their Imei's checked with The Checkmend service. This is to ensure that we are not handling goods that are reported lost or stolen.