Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope that the answers provided will be useful to you. However, if you have other questions not listed below please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
The model of your device can be found by entering the 15 digit IMEI number in to the search bar of the site which will either be found on the back of your device or by entering the settings section of the device. Failing that on the reverse of its box or printed on the box itself. By looking at this you should be able to tell the make and model of your item. If you are still unsure then you can browse all our models by make to find yours. Or alternatively on the homepage, put the model of your device into the search box i.e. Samsung S5 and press search. When the model is found simply follow the on screen prompts.
If you're in a rush, then print off your sales pack and send it in before waiting for your slaes pack to arrive. Either way once we receive your device we make payment 5-7 days from the date the device has been tested. If we need to re-offer your device then we'll email you with the option to accept or decline any such offer.
We offer an Up To pricing model, we can't guarantee any price until we've seen your device, the price shown online is the maximum we'd payout. Deductions will be made for wear and tear or any faults found, the faulty prices are shown online and deductions for wear and tear can be as much as 35%.
To keep life simple we pay you the same amount of money for whatever colour your mobile or tablet is.
All devices are IMEI checked against the blacklist checker, any devices found to be lost stolen or reported blocked via a network will be held in Quarantine until the issue is rectified or claimed by an Insurance company or police force in some instances.
Fakes are illegally produced and can be dangerous. We never accept fakes.
As many as you have!
If you have over 10x devices please email us first and we may be able to arrange a courier collection.
Just the device and order number, however we'd recommend sending in the original box if possible as the packaging is secure and will protect the device.
International Mobile Equipment Identity number known as IMEI is a 15 number "registration number" of a device. You can get it out of the phone or tablet by typing *#06# into the phone or by taking the battery out of the phone and looking on the label underneath. The other option is to go to settings and click on About.
It will speed up the payment process as we will be able to assign the device to your account quicker. It also allows us to check the status of the device via the blacklist checker
We will honour the price for 14 calendar days from your order process date. After that we reserve the right to lower the price to the current market value. So send them ASAP
We recommend you to use Royal mail special, next day (insured) delivery service for high value item to ensure safe delivery of your item.
We do recommend you to use Royal mail special, next day (insured) delivery service for high value items to ensure safe delivery.
When your item is received you are automatically emailed to tell you it has arrived.
When we send you payment, you are automatically emailed to tell you this.
We are unable to pay you for any items that do not arrive and you will need to file a claim via the Post Office.
There could be several reasons for this:
  • The item may have been lost in the post, please check the tracking information online.
  • You may not have included the ORDER REFERENCE with your device, so we have no idea who you are - Please email us with the devices IMEI number or item's serial number and tracking reference.
  • We may have the item and it was tested as faulty or an incorrect model. We will have emailed you information about this, please check your email (including your SPAM FOLDER!)

Item Condition

We specialise in purchasing the latest smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and other electrical items. If an item is not listed on our site please give us a call to verify if we still buy that item.

We recommend you take note of your IMEI number in case there is a problem with your order. Your IMEI number can be found printed on the box itself.

Each mobile phone, tablet or MacBook sold to us should match the make and model in the sale order and meet the following conditions:

Brand New and Boxed

To receive the full value of your new mobile phone, tablet or MacBook is dependent on ALL of these conditions being met below:

  • The item must be in perfect working order with NO faults and completely unused (deleted calls or data can still be located).
  • The device must be original (UK/European spec) and meet the manufacturer's original specifications.
  • The item should not be at any case a refurbished /reconditioned, an insurance replacement or a counterfeit.
  • The item should not have its sim or memory card glued in.
  • If it's a mobile phone, there must be no calls or "personal data" saved on the phone and call timer must be zero.
  • All phones should have no calls have been made or received or else phone is classified as used.
  • The item must not have any marks or scratches on the body or screen.
  • All protective screen seals must not have ever been removed and show no signs of use.
  • The box of the item should be of original manufacturer, not generic or white box and it should not be damaged, ripped or damaged in any way.
  • The IMEI or serial number on the box must match that on the device (damaged or missing IMEI stickers or serial numbers are not permitted).
  • All unopened accessories (battery, mains charger, headphones) and user manuals etc. must be supplied, original and be completely unused and brand new.
  • The memory card, stylus, etc. should be included if one was supplied by the manufacturer of service provider.

If you submit a sale order with an item that you have classed as "Brand New Boxed" and we test and find that the item is not "brand new boxed", we shall tell you this and supply you with the fault reason(s) and a revised price for your item by e-mail & text. You will have 5 calendar days to accept or decline our offer by emailing us with subject Accept/Decline Revised Price. If you do not reply within 5 calendar days we shall process your order at the revised price.

If you request an item back that has failed testing (previously classified by you as brand new boxed) we can return it at your own cost.